Sunday, October 18, 2015

Camping Sleeping Bags

If you want further guidance, you can go to this hiking webpage. One of the best ways to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors is to backpack into remote wilderness. This ensures that you won't encounter a lot of other men and women. But backpacking needs that you strategy your trip very carefully and pack your gear with extreme weight prejudice. You won't be capable to carry every little thing you want on your back into the backcountry, so you want to trim excess weight whenever you can.

One particular area that you can usually save a few pounds is in the sleeping bag category. Sleeping bags that are suitable for backpacking require to be lightweight and compact adequate to not take up a lot of space in your pack. Most bags now-a-days can be compressed with straps or bags. But the lightweight aspect is something that you will have to specifically seek out.

Down vs Synthetic

Down sleeping bags are almost always going to be lighter than synthetic sleeping bags in the same temperature class. Organic down has a greater warmth to weight ratio than synthetic down does. The technology is catching up, but this is just a reality right now.

Natural down bags do have a few drawbacks, nevertheless. Even though they are the lightest bags offered, they drop their insulative properties when the down gets wet. Synthetic fill does not, and so if you are organizing on backpacking in wet circumstances, this is something else to feel about. Price tag is another aspect here. The ultralight down bags (around 1 pound) are fairly pricey, and they are summer bags for the most component. More insulation means more weight, and comparatively more expense than synthetic bags.

If you want to go with a down bag because of the superior warmth to weight ratio, there are several choices that provide waterproof outer shells (but this adds to the cost again).


In summary, the qualities of the best sleeping bags for backpacking would incorporate: lightweight (2-3 pounds or less, based on the season), transportable (compressible and compact), and able to hold you warm even if they get wet. Value is another essential aspect for most outside enthusiasts. If you are hunting for an ultralight down summer season bag, be ready to spend in the $300-$400 range. A three season lightweight down bag might be greater in value, and a 4 season mountaineering down bag can cost upwards of $1000.


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